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our story

In the vibrant tapestry of Northwest Arkansas, a tale of tradition, family values, and community unfolds through the legacy of Acambaro Mexican Restaurant. Our journey began in 1996 when Arturo Reyes Sr. and his children embarked on a culinary adventure by opening Tienda Acambaro in Lowell. Back then, it was more than just a store; it was a beacon for Mexican products and the delectable allure of street tacos.

In 1998, sensing the growing appetite for authentic Mexican flavors, the Reyes family transformed Tienda Acambaro into a full-service restaurant, birthing Acambaro Mexican Restaurant. The aroma of sizzling tacos and the warmth of heartfelt hospitality wafted through the air, quickly captivating the taste buds and hearts of the community. As the demand for their mouthwatering street tacos surged, Acambaro blossomed, giving birth to multiple locations across Northwest Arkansas and southern Missouri.


Now standing as the eighth jewel in the Acambaro crown, our Rogers location tells a story of unwavering dedication to family values and community spirit. Despite the success and growth, Acambaro remains firmly rooted in its familial foundation. It's a business where each location is nurtured by relatives – parents, sisters, uncles, and cousins. Far from being a corporate giant, Acambaro thrives on the warmth of close-knit relationships.

As you step into Acambaro Mexican Restaurant , you're not just savoring the tantalizing tastes of Mexico – you're becoming a part of a story that celebrates tradition, family, and community, embodied in every dish, every smile, and every memory created within our walls.

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